Concessionaires plan their own financing for credit debts

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In this note we are going to talk as we mentioned in the title, about the concessionaires that plan a financial of their own to avoid the lack of credit that the banks do not offer.

The new president of the employer’s association Faconauto highlights the need for credit to flow to avoid further closures of companies and the president of the Federation of Associations of Automotive Dealers proposed the possible creation of its own financial network between the points to sell members of the organization and leave the banks parked, in order to increase the flow of credit.

In the framework of the XXI National Congress of Distribution, organized by the employers of dealers, Roura stressed the need for bank credit to flow so that the points of sale have financing lines to maintain the business fabric of small and medium-sized businesses. Business. Roura said that banks closed the doors to SMEs and noted that there has never been a bank that has been closed by a concessionaire, although there are dealers that have closed due to lack of credit.

Therefore, it was recommended to study the possibility of forming a bank among the thousands of dealers, since only a capital of 18,000 euros is needed. Among its requests to banks, the head of the organization noted the possibility that guarantees are requested from banks by employers. In addition, he indicated that talks began with manufacturers and importers  to defend the sector.

The Maintenance of the Pive Plan that at the same time, the Government was requested to maintain the PIVE Plan for the whole of next year and it was recommended that it follow the example of the Obama Administration in the United States, which invested in recovering the automobile sector and for this reason in the car you have to bet hard. Roura said that from the Faconauto board work to solve the current situation that the sector is going through, although he pointed out that this is not enough, but they need the support and collaboration of all the members of the Federation and the rest of the actors involved..

In this sense, we opted for the union to get out of the crisis. On the other hand, it was ensured that dealers, manufacturers and importers have an obligation to go hand in hand, since they share many common objectives, although they demanded a greater effort from car brands to listen and help their distribution networks.In addition s and said it wants them to be heard and plan together for the potential market. On the other hand, the importance of after sales was highlighted and pointed out that we must change the widespread opinion that dealers have higher prices than other centers, while emphasizing that these are the ones that best take care of the car. Finally, regarding the Distribution Law, he assured that it will not be approved during this Legislature, although they will advance in the dialogue to resolve any problem within the sectoral table, created while the said Law was being processed.